Harvey High School

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GUIDANCE COUNSELOR           LAST NAMES          PHONE                  EMAIL
Sharon Fitzgerald                            A-L                        440-392-5141        sharon.fitzgerald@pcls.net
Marilyn Vihtelic                                M-Z                        440-392-5142        marilyn.vihtelic@pcls.net
Scheduling for all Painesville City students grades 8-11 will begin In January each year.  Please use the attached Course Catalog to assist you in this process.


Each student will be meeting with their counselor to be sure that all graduation requirements have been met. Students must take between 6.50 and 7.00 units of credit each school year to ensure meeting the requirement of 21 credits necessary for graduation.


Both required and elective courses must equal the 21 credit count. Students are strongly encouraged to take additional credits each year.  Recommended maximum credits per year are 7.00.


Students who are involved in athletics are responsible for checking that they are scheduled for at least five credits each semester, for athletic eligibility.