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Student of the Month

Tanya Aranda
"Tanya is a responsible student who always comes prepared and ready to learn. She has remained focused throughout her Senior year with a strong, consistent effort. Tanya is a scholar who other students should look to as a positive role model. " Mr. Sisler
Natalia Aranda
"Natalia works extremely hard daily on all her assignments. She is always respectful and courteous to her peers. Natalia is an excellent student here at Harvey High School." Mr. Sisler
Kendall Artino
"Kendall is making positive gains and progressing through her missing assignments and current classwork. She is determined to make it through each day. with a positive attitude, even if the day doesn't always end up the way she hoped. I am so fortunate to have her as a student!" Ms. Orzechowski.
Taide Botello
"While Taide comes across as a quiet student, once you get to know her you'll realize how incredible she really is! She works VERY hard in class, keeps her peers on task within the classroom, and lets her high academic performance speak for itself. She embodies the ethos of the Big Three, but does it with laughter and a smile upon her face. Taide is going to accomplish BIG THINGS!" Mr. Armbruster.