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Harvey Students To Participate In Ohio Business Week At Ohio University This Summer

Ohio Business Week is a week-long, residential business and entrepreneurship camp. High school students from across the State of Ohio are selected to attend OBW.

Students learn foundational business skills in management, finance, and marketing. By working in a company, they learn how to exercise their independent judgment and leadership skills while honing collaborative skills in a diverse group environment that emphasizes teamwork. Students get a preview of what it will feel like to go to college by living in dorms and working in university facilities. They forge friendships with students from all over Ohio. And those students who are thinking about majoring in business will be able to explore what that would be like at OBW.

Students are immersed in foundational business learning during the week. They meet inspiring people that they wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet or get to know. They also get a preview of how it will be to work in a real-life, project-based team – from working with different personalities and work styles to learning leadership and entrepreneurship skills directly from business professionals! 

The very process of the program is unique in that the students see how their thoughts, ideas, and dreams can grow into something real and tangible—in one short week! For many, that is a very powerful and transformational experience. Many alumni say how OBW helped them gain an expanded sense of self and independence, a better sense of future goals, and a willingness and openness to explore new places, people, and ideas.

The students are recruited for OBW by Harvey business teacher Ms. Nell Rapport. Many thanks to Avery Dennison for paying the program fee for the Harvey High School students.